About us


Our company employs highly-skilled experienced personnel. At the same time, we have a wide range of high-tech machinery. The combination of these two factors gives us the ability to provide complete solutions to diesel engine car vehicle owners.

More precisely, our company specializes in the following areas:

• Diesel Pump Service
• Turbo Service
• Common Rail Service
• Performance Enhancements
• Exhaust Fumes Card

Trust us for the right maintainance of your vehicle!


Our new privately-owned facilities in Ionia Thessaloniki host specially designed departments for checking and repairing small and large diesel-engined vehicles.


Our facilities host high-tech machinery capable of checking every diesel-engined vehicle. We will solve any problem in the fuel injection system, or any other part of the engine of your vehicle. Our digital equipment will assist us to fine-tune your engine and precisely measure your vehicle’s emission gasses.