Injection systems

The injection-fuel system is responsible for feeding a diesel engine fuel. For this purpose, the fuel pump creates the required pressure for spraying the fuel. The fuel in the pressure applied is advanced through the pipes high pressure fuel supply to the nozzle of an injector which then injects the required amount in the combustion chamber. The fuel-injection system includes the following items:

- The fuel tank,
- The fuel filter,
- The fuel pump,
- Nozzles,
- The high pressure tubes,
- The regulator and
- The timing accessory (if required).

The combustion process in a diesel engine largely depends on the amount of fuel which is promoted by the fuel input into the combustion chamber.

More importance but the same process is the timing of the spray and the duration of spraying, the dispersion of the fuel into the combustion chamber, the moment the timing starts burning, the amount of fuel calculated at each engine according to the degrees of the crankshaft, and the final injection quantity according to the engine load. The optimum interplay of all these characteristics are crucial for the operation of diesel engine without mistakes.


Today, small, high-speed diesel engines require a lightweight and compact fuel supply system. Rotary VE pumps meet these requirements by combining auxiliary feed pump, high pressure pump, regulator and the timing component in a small, compact unit. The speed, the power output and a diesel engine design define the parameters for the feed pump to be installed in this engine.

Rotary pumps are used in passenger cars, profes-sional vehicles, agricultural tractors and stationary engines.