Diesel pumps

The idea of ​​a diesel engine developed by Rudolf Diesel in 1892, so and patented invention of, as a new patent in Germany. The aim was to create pump Petrelaiouena high performance engine.
The key difference in the operation of a diesel engine of a gasoline engine is the high compression of the air in the combustion chamber. This way we can have higher performance with less power consumption. The course greater the compression of the air in the chamber, the better is the result in terms of yield.

Oil Pump course big role both in performance and in creating exhaust uses the high-pressure pump which is an integral part of an oil and is what creates the fuel injection pressure of the engine. The high pressure pump is either mechanical or electronic, is of great importance to the proper functioning of the engine. In the pump based on both the correct combustion of the mixture (fuel-air), and the timing of the engine.